XYZ Company Analytics

An analysis of the Facebook Insights for XYZ Company reveals that in terms of reach and engagement, the company is beginning to see signs of success, although results and content is somewhat inconsistent.


In the past several months, total page likes has steadily increased, with 549 total at the time the Insights were pulled. Most of these page likes come from ads and page suggestions, which makes sense if the company is not conducting much other marketing. In an ideal scenario, however, the company should be seeing more page likes generated from the page, indicating that people are seeking out the page after hearing about it from another source – perhaps a flyer or piece of direct mail that invites consumers to find their Facebook page. XYZ’s other social channels, if they don’t already, can also cross-promote Facebook, which seems to serve as the main social hub and source of advertising for the company. This is how other channels can help boost results – by directing the followers of those channels to the Facebook page. XYZ may post something on Twitter or its website that serves as a “tease” to encourage people to visit the Facebook page for the full content.


During the time of the Insights report, reach and page likes are down – with reach down 9% and engagement down 20%. Despite these percentages and the appearances of poor performance in comparison with the previous week, it’s worth noting that even with no posts during the week, the reach was still high, with about 8,000 people and with five new likes. Several weeks before, at the beginning of the month, a post relating to March Madness, which was promoted, reached a page record of 12.5K people. In this context, it makes sense that the performance in this week’s Insight data would be skewed and substandard in comparison.


Another important takeaway from the data is the discrepancy between pages views from people on mobile devices versus people on desktop computers – during the week of the current data, the page had 22 views on mobile and 2 on computer. This is something XYZ needs to take into consideration when posting content. Certain pieces of content are better viewed on a mobile device and certain pieces of content are better viewed on a computer. For example, the company would be unwise to create a post with a link that directs viewers to a website that isn’t optimized for mobile viewing.

Additionally interesting and important to consider is what time most of the page’s followers or “fans” are online and available to consume the content put out by the page, and the demographics of these people. Most of these consumers, according to the Insights, are online from about 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., with the peak of consumers available at 9 p.m. Most of the fans of the page are women, with 56% female and 44% male. Of the women and total fans, in general, they are most likely to be between ages 35 and 44 and live in the United States. Tailoring content to this audience will create a more engaged social channel and ultimately more success for XYZ Company.


Something XYZ Company does well with is posting content that will do well with its fans – for example, photos perform better than videos or text statuses, with an average reach of 1,333 versus 323 and 161 people. It appears XYZ Company posts more photos than other content, which is an indication that the social managers – the husband and wife team – are savvy to this.

On the other hand, however, XYZ can improve with this content by posting photos that will be more engaging and that will lead to action on the page – either in the form of comments or “likes” or, more importantly, in the form of page likes. Although the March Madness related post early in the month of March was extremely successful in terms of reach, it did not translate into many page likes, comparatively. If XYZ is going to continue to post sponsored content – in other words, put money behind these posts – it needs to create more interest, measurable by page visits and likes, since the strategy on Facebook seems to be to generate awareness for the new business.

Future campaigns or posts that XYZ Company can initiate to establish this increase in interaction and engagement might be asking current customers to like the page or to write a review or testimonial. XYZ can even consider promoting special offers or discounts on Facebook, which can only be redeemed by liking the page or mentioning the page at the time of service. As previously mentioned, XYZ should also be promoting the Facebook page to its customers at any marketing or outreach events and on marketing collateral or advertisements.

Overall, for a small, recently launched business, XYZ Company is performing well on Facebook and on the right track to developing a great presence on the social channel.


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