Bēhance-The ultimate online visual portfolio

Bēhance is an online social network for creative professionals to showcase their work and connect with other creative minds.


Creative users include, Graphic Designers Photographers, Interaction Designers, Web Designers, Copywriters and many more. Users can create a profile and instantly begin posting their work. Others in the network can then view, like, or comment on the art. On your Bēhance page others have the option to follow you or send you a private message. Other users also have the option to “Appreciate Project” with a thumbs up or “Add to Collection.” You can also post links to your other social media accounts.


The most unique benefit for Bēhance users is the visual portfolio. Bēhance now offers the opportunity for designers to present their portfolio seamlessly through Adobe with a Creative Cloud account. In 2010 they started offering the opportunity for users to link their portfolio to a LinkedIn profile. This provides easier access and more results for employment opportunities, which is the most important benefit for this network. In addition to networking and connections, Bēhance offers job search functionality. You can search by location, creative field, or company. If you just want to browse, there is a job feed set up on the page that automatically updates when a job is posted.


Bēhance offers a beneficial service for employers. A company can post a job on Bēhance for $399 a month for one post or $1,500 per month for unlimited postings. Companies will then have have a candidate pool of over 5 million people. Bēhance also helps companies filter out some of those candidates. For each job posting, Bēhance takes your criteria and suggests a creative professional that they think meets you needs. There is no need to wait for applications to come floating in.


While searching for potential employees on Bēhance, if a company comes across a project style that they prefer, Bēhance will generate a project list similar to your taste using Adobe image match technology. While utilizing Bēhance’s job engine through Adobe Talent, this allows a company to save and track candidates with the Bēhance app. That way you can easily share job posts and communicate with the hiring committee.


I think that the Bēhance social networking site a great website for making contacts, as well as, job opportunities. Seeing other’s creative designs and the ability to comment, like and share is a unique way to connect and make friends in the same industry. I think it stands out from the other major social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for creative minds because it is quite a bit different than the other social media sites. Designers are able to post creative designs on those major channels but people may feel intimidated or weird about putting it all out there in a non creative environment. They may not want to leave it open for ridicule from people who don’t exactly understand the creative process. If you are displaying pieces in a bubble like environment on Bēhance, sharing with like-minded people, this may offer a feeling of comfort. Sharing in this type of network frees up the conversation, where artists can openly ask questions. For example asking another user, what their method and inspiration for designing is.

 Another great thing about the fact that Bēhance is a visual portfolio is that you can see other designers work. Not just admiring or critiquing it but realizing that they are also the competition if you are a job seeker. If you a photographer and looking for a photography job you can browse samples of other’s work and see if yours is up to par. If you think there is a huge gap between the two, you may need to up your game. On the other hand, some samples may not be as great and that can serve as a confidence booster. Either way you are getting a behind the scenes look at your competition from all over the world.


The creative industry could incorporate proximity marketing into the communications plan for stores that offer products that creative people need or use. This may include technology products like laptops, drawing pads and Apple products. There is a place for photography equipment, such as cameras, lenses and accessories. Even artists need equipment, like paints, brushes and easels. The companies that could benefit from this type of industry are places from larger retailers like Jo Ann Fabrics, Michaels, and Best Buy to smaller businesses in local neighborhoods, like hobby and photography shops. Creative types generally love to support the community.

Another potential use of proximity marketing could be pop ups for local events or seminars in the area. For example, if there was an art gallery that was having an opening or a technology seminar that was nearby, companies could use proximity marketing to try to sell tickets to the event. If I had a pop up message for an art show that was nearby and I was looking for something to do, I might decide to attend. Sometimes I see things on Facebook and other social channels that I’m potentially interested in, but when the actual weekend arrives, I have long ago forgotten about it. That might persuade people of a spontaneous nature, which many creative types tend to be.

Bēhance as a social network could also utilize proximity marketing technology to let users know when others users are in the same location. They have already taken advantage of the trending Apple Watch technology and have an app for watch, as well as for Android, iPhone and iPad.


They could utilize location finding, the same way that Waze, the navigation app lets you engage with other Waze users in proximity to warn about cops, accidents, jams, or just to socialize. Bēhance users could use this feature to socialize or let others know about deals and events in the area. This could be especially helpful if you were from out of town. I feel like this type of communication would be popular because you would know that the people you are talking to are like-minded creative types.

Employers that post on the Bēhance network could also benefit from proximity marketing capabilities. Included in their price to post a job, Bēhance could add push notifications from companies that have active job openings online. That way a job seeker could be aware of which companies are hiring close to their neighborhood or even when they are out and about. If a job seeker is highly interested they know where to come back and apply.

Bēhance already has an established relationship with LinkedIn to provide portfolio display capabilities on users profiles. According to Bēhance, it gets 15 times the traffic of all other leading portfolio sites combined.

The main goal of Bēhance is to power the creative networks for top schools and organizations. The main source of revenue for Bēhance is charging companies to post jobs. The focus Bēhance should be to keep world class artists putting their portfolios online, so companies will continue to want to hire out of that pool. Therefore I feel like for Bēhance to keep attracting the best and brightest candidates, it must advertise that it’s the best website for your portfolio to be showcased. I think that Bēhance could well alongside Instagram, Facebook, and Vine.

For example, Instagram could work well with Bēhance because it is already a site where people get creative with their posts. These are people who may be looking to get their photography skills noticed and might take advantage of Bēhance’s online network. Facebook is also another channel that Bēhance could benefit from. Right now Facebook is the most popular social media site with 1.18 billion monthly active users as of August 2015. There has to be some talented designers in there somewhere. It’s ultimately about spreading awareness of Bēhance’s existence.

Additionally, I think that Vine could also work well alongside Bēhance. The Vine app is fairly new and I think there are a lot of talented young people using this app. I also know that Bēhance is not that recognizable just yet, even with its 5 million users. I had come across the name several times but never knew what it was. Now that I know it’s a visual online portfolio site with active companies looking to hire from within, I am definitely going to join. It’s great to find a place where I can have a common bond and I don’t have to flip through tons of mundane posts, baby animal pictures and the same inspirational quotes to find something that I find truly interesting.








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