Blogs, Blogs, everywhere a Blog.

The Huffington Post, Vintage Revivals and 22 Words are three of my favorite blogs to visit. They provide me with entertainment, news and sometimes inspiration when I am feeling crafty.

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post (1) is a very popular news blog. Although the main focus is news, they also have a variety of subjects, including Healthy Living, Comedy and Horoscopes.


The Huffington Post is an online news source keeping the world up to date on current events, politics, entertainment and everything in between. The site is positioned to engage a community of bloggers for their opinion and conversation. The Huffington Post hosts over 100,000 bloggers (2) with a variety of backgrounds, including politicians, students, celebrities and parents. The site has editions all over the world and over 200 million users.

The Huffington Post is a Pulitzer Prize-winning source of breaking news. It is unique because of the great headlines. They make the reader intrigued even before clicking. Headlines like Rubio Gets Ribbed (3) and Slay, Bey (4)! These are headlines that that make you want to learn more.

The blog posts on positively reflect the brand because they are current topics that readers are interested in. The posts keep the site relevant and interesting. They sometimes have breaking news before actual news sites. When you are reading a post you can believe that the story is true, unlike some blog sites that knowingly post false information.

In addition to being high on the search engine list for news, there are direct links from Amazon and Yahoo to drive traffic. Even other mainstream news sites, like the New York Times (5) cite The Huffington Post’s blogs. On the website the there are social share buttons that link to Facebook (6), Twitter (7), Google Plus (8) and Pinterest (9). The Huffington Post uses an IMC strategy to inform and create new readers. There is a link to comment on posts, an email link option and a link to sign up for the newsletter. They also have a widget that allows you to go directly to the App Store or Google Play to download the official Huffington Post App. Another channel in their IMC strategy is a tab on the site called Huffpost Live (10) that streams live interviews Monday-Friday. When there isn’t a live stream, Huffpost Live features video highlights from the week. The Huffington Post also provides feeds for people who prefer reading the site in an RSS aggregator (11), instead of visiting the site.

This website is definitely a successful blog. There are new blogs posted hourly, keeping stories current and keeping website traffic up. Bloggers also have social media links within their post, generally Facebook and Twitter. You can click through easily to view other posts or follow them on social media. The Huffington Post is a creator of original content, contributing to the success of the website. Sometimes the news is so fresh it scoops the news stations.

Overall, I think that The Huffington Post is a well-rounded page and hits all of the categories that readers are interested to learn about.

The Huffington post has a ton of advertising on its site from big name companies, like Merrill Lynch, Rooms To Go and L’Oreal. These ads are banner ads and Run of Site ads or ROS. These ads are not dedicated to one page, but instead flip between several ads of the same size. You may see different ads depending on the percentage each one is allotted.

Slide02    Slide03

Slide04Vintage Revivals

Vintage Revivals (12) is a semi-professional blog. There is only one author, Mandi Gubler and she posts about once a week, sometimes once a month. Vintage Revivals also has a tab where you can purchase a few items of Mandi’s art, it can technically be classified as revenue generating.


The purpose of the Vintage Revivals blog is the showcase home makeovers and DIY projects with a vintage feel. Mandi personally shows the reader step-by-step instructions and photos so the reader can learn and follow along. Her motto is, “If I can do it. You can too.” It’s a very creative DIY website.

The website is unique because she is not just following along with the rest of the Internet DIY websites showing you how to build a table out of pallets. She has very unique taste in decorating and shows the reader how to make great pieces out of ordinary objects.

The blog reflects the brand because everything she writes about follows the style of the website. She has a created a website theme of vintage, copper colors and geometric shapes. Her DIY blog posts reflect that theme. For example, she made a geometric shaped hanging brass planter.


The main driver of traffic for Vintage Revivals are social posts. She has social share buttons for Facebook (13), Twitter (14), Pinterest (15) and a link to Instagram (16). On Instagram alone she has 790 posts and almost 40 thousand followers. She posts on social media with a website link to drive traffic to the website. She also uses parts of an IMC strategy to connect her marketing efforts. She recently did a post about a laundry room makeover and posted a photo and link back to blog on all of the active social media sites. If you are a DIY person and have read her blog posts, I have no doubt that you will be an instant fan.

Vintage Revivals is successful per this weeks lecture for several reasons. One reason is because there are new blog posts about projects keeping the website fresh and interesting. Mandi is highly active on Twitter with over 9,000 followers and posts on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Bloglovin‘ (17). She also creates original content. All of her posts are about something she has done or created herself.

I think Mandi does an excellent job with the theme and style of her website, it looks and feels very professional. The only thing I would add is a video of the DIY projects. It doesn’t have to be a full-length video of the whole thing, just small clips to show some of the details that may be left out in the photos.

There are quite a few advertisers with banner ads on Plum Organics, and are to just a few advertise on this site.

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22 Words

Are you ever bored at work and surfing the Internet looking for a pick me up? 22 Words (18) is the site for you. According to the website, the main goal is to “Fight boredom and spread happiness.” 22 Words was created to spread cheer by writing heartwarming, cute, and fascinating stories for everyone to read.

I think 22 Words according to this weeks lecture is a mix of a semi-professional blog and an aggregator/link sharing blog. First, 22 Words is a company that employs writers that post their own content, so it’s not a one person show, but they do update content on a daily basis to keep readers interested. On the other hand, many of the posts are reposts or link shares from other sites.

22 Words is a great blog. I tend to enjoy the lighter side of life and I like reading articles that are funny or intriguing. In addition to those categories, 22 Words has bizarre, amazing and brain food. You never know what you might find when visiting this site. One post in particular I enjoyed reading was 26 Company Logos with Hidden Images That You Won’t Believe You Didn’t See Sooner (19). It really makes you step back and realize that most people don’t pay attention to detail. The Pittsburg Zoo logo was my favorite.


The content of the website, in my opinion reflects the brand perfectly. The goal of the site is to spread happiness and fight boredom. If you enjoy reading interesting facts or cute stories then read on! Each of the posts on the site fits in one category or both. It’s not hard to fight boredom with Internet stories. You go online to check something really quick and next thing you know an hour has passed.

22 Words doesn’t do that much integrated marketing. The main source of traffic to the website is word of mouth adverting. 22 Words has social media sites like Facebook (20), Twitter (21) and Pinterest (22). They have over 40 million views a month and almost a million likes on Facebook. They even have a counter on the website that shows a live tally of visitors. As you are reading a post, you can see the numbers climbing. In addition to putting their own blog posts on social media sites, 22 Words often reposts other’s blogs hoping to reach even more followers.  Their Facebook has by far the most followers of the social media sites, but there is a link to sign up for the daily newsletter. Also, there is at least one social share button on each post.

This blog is not considered a success according to this weeks lecture, but I’m sure they would beg to differ. Although there is new content posted daily, it’s generally a repost. Also, 22 Words has a Facebook share button on all the posts and in some cases a Twitter button, but not many of the authors have Twitter or other social sites where you can connect with them. But, they do make it easy for you to follow them on Facebook and with almost a million likes it has to be somewhat successful.

Although 22 Words is easy to navigate, one thing I would change is how the blog posts are laid out. Instead of the whole article being on the same page, 22 Words post small blurbs on many pages and makes the reader click next for several pages to read the rest of the story. After a few clicks I tend to stop reading, it’s just not that user friendly. The other suggestion I have is to have a link to the editors blog posts. If a story is really interesting or well written, you might want to see what else the author has posted.

There is plenty of advertising on this site from banner and ROS ads to pop-ups., Kohl’s and FTD Florists are just a few of the big name advertisers who run ads on this site.








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