Learn more about me!

Hi, everyone! My name is Lisa Davis and I graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2006 with a degree in Visual Communications Technology, with a minor in Marketing. I am excited to be starting my first semester at the University of Florida in the Social Media Graduate Program.


I am currently working a full-time internship with the Orlando Magic in the marketing department. I am in charge of some of the digital advertising on orlandomagic.com and our season ticketholder site, myloyalblue.com. I also help plan and design marketing collateral for the tourism sector. I feel like I am lucky to have this opportunity to work at a place where I enjoy going to work everyday and I love what I do. I enjoy learning new things and being challenged to be creative with different projects.

I hope to learn a lot of new skills from this class that I can apply to my job and even help me secure a full-time position. I am especially interested in how to market products to social media users, who want their information now and easy. Right now I use traditional marketing, like ads, digital media and flyers. I would like to apply information from this class to the new generation of buyers. I also hope that during this time in grad school I can connect, network and make friends along the way. To learn more about me click here.


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